Floor Plans

Coming soon – floor plans of our new house, purchased in February of 2015.

From late 2013 to early 2015, we were living in a rental house in South Phoenix.


It was much larger than our St. Louis house at 1450 s.f. and was a great transition for us as we relocated.  Below is a rough floor plan based on a drawing left with a bunch of appliance manuals and such from the landlord.


JT and I bought our South City brick bungalow in October of 2005 and lived there until October of 2013.  We had a good run with that house.

Floor Plan:

And here’s another floor plan, this time with furniture.

J:HOME Model (1)

Thanks for visiting our (digital) home!

2 responses to “Floor Plans

  1. Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel

    Quick question… How do you make such good drawings? What software?

    • Hi Rebecca — I use AutoCAD for all my floor plans (I’m a commercial interior designer and have access to it at work). If you’re looking for a program to try floor plans in, I would recommend Google Sketch-Up. It’s a free download and very user friendly. I know it’s marketed for 3D work but you can draw everything flat/in one plane like a floor plan would be in this program as well. Hope that helps! Cheers – CT

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