1.  Ads.  After a year of blogging we realized ads were showing up on our blog (delayed reaction, I know).  Since these weren’t ads we had any control over and no say in the content/relevancy/ad message/etc/you-get-the-point, we decided to bite the WordPress bullet and pay the annual $30 to delete all ads.  We are intentionally ad free.

2.  Comments.  Comments can be and will be deleted by us, the owners of this blog.  While we welcome “constructive criticism” (whatever that is), a blog we created and work hard to keep running is not a place where we will tolerate hatefulness or ignorance from anonymous parties.

3.  Images.  All content is created by Living Analog unless noted or credited otherwise.  It takes some amount of effort on our part to create original content. If you are going to use an image or an idea from us, please credit Living Analog and link back to the original post.

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