A blog about blogs? Yikes.

So I fell hard for Google Reader.  Anna Dorfman at Door 16 (www.doorsixteen.com) recommended it a while back (like a long while) and I finally got around to checking it out.  I spend waaaay too much time browsing blogland. 
Enter Reader:

(PS — I was all excited to “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, the Banksy film with the huge elephant image above in Young House Love’s post.  Then I heard about a lot of the animal abuse this elephant endured to be painted like this and I’m not so sure . . . we’ll see).

After you subscribe to your choice of blogs, it shows you the latest posts.  No more trolling around, clicking on every link in my Favorites list to see who updated their blog today.  It’s all right there!

Here’s the list view, because who doesn’t like a little list action:

And finally, because I’ve spent far too much time reading her blog to even bother spending time on my own, my latest obsession, Emily Henderson.  She has a show on HGTV (Secrets from a Stylist) that finally seems like a style I would choose for my own house.  Very eclectic, cool, a little kitschy. 

Great, great stuff.  Gotta go – back to blog reading, not blog writing!!

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