Santa Came Early!

I guess I was good this year — Santa came early!  A brand new (used) camera arrived from Montana the other day via Amazon.  I love it already and I don’t even  know it that well.  It’s technical name is “Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5S 9MP Digital Camera with a 10x Wide Angle MEGA Optical Image Stabilized Zoom”.   I might call it Lover for short.

I tested it out on the tripod the other day.  First I put up the old camera (a CoolPix?  I’m not even sure.  It’s in the drawer forever now.  It’s dead to me.)  Then, keeping the tripod in the same spot, I put up Lover.  See how much more the Wide Angle lens will get ya?

Christmas is here at the Ts.  We put up the tree the other day and have been slowly decorating the room.  Can anyone count the number of Elvises we have in our living room? (What is the plural of Elvis — Elvi?)  It’s like Where’s Waldo but, you know, with Elvis.

So far all our (2) Christmas cards have matched the color scheme.  Those lucky guys get displayed on the mantel.  (Little Jack man, so cute!)  The others will be banished to the refrigerator (fair warning, folks).

We definitely went the faux tree route — it has a narrow profile so it takes up a lot less room in our tiny floorplan but sill looks like, well, a Christmas tree.  Someone told me the other day they were surprised we put up a tree at all, you know since we don’t have kids.  That took me back a little bit — are childless couples not allowed to decorate for Christmas?  Guess we’re breaking the rules.

We do have these two helpful mutts, who posed on the new fleece blanket all day.

JT joined some kind of Maker’s Mark club, so a little sweater arrived for his whiskey bottle the other day.  How nice.  The wreath on the console table is made of white plastic grocery bags.  I had found a little metal stand at Goodwill a while back for $1 and it turned out to be just the right height to be a nice wreath hanger for my free wreath.  Pretty sweet.

Looking at everything through my new camera lens, I already see a few things for my list in 2012.  #1, the accent wall behind the fireplace is history — in 2012 it will be white!  #2, something needs to be done with the fireplace — it had a horrible brass and glass surround on it that we promptly took down but the concrete is stained where that used to be and #3 I will be painting the heating vent over the white floating shelves to match the wall color because it sticks out like a sore thumb now. 

Back to my new camera manual I go.  Have a great week everyone!

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