Meet Mr. McCobb . . . I mean Paul

I have been agonizing for a few short weeks now about what piece of furniture to replace the buffet that I moved into the kitchen.  It all came to its fruition on Friday when JT and I took the magic furniture-hauling Saturn for a visit to Vandeventer Vintage.  After seeing it featured on Mister Modtomic’s blog and knowing it was dangerously close to our house, I felt compelled to stop by.

I went there with an ulterior motive.  I went there to meet Paul.

Hi Paul.

Or would you prefer to be called Mr. McCobb?

No?  Paul’s okay?

Well, Paul, I think you were meant to be a desk of some sort, but you don’t mind being a bar do you?

You display bottles so well and can hide them away when our friends come over.

You have handy little drawers for all our accessories and an unopened bottle of wine fits perfect into the cubby holes that used to be meant for office supplies.  That’s not a coincedence, right?

And you have so much space for all our wine glasses below . . .

Welcome to our house Paul.  We hope you like living here.


So, that’s our big furniture news.  After plotting and planning about glass shelves and hutches and tall cabinets, we ended up with this.  I guess the joke’s on me.  I took down the artwork that was hanging on that wall but have yet to finalize things there . . . now I’m looking for a large statement piece to finish up that piece of wall.   Paul’s already doing a pretty good job and we couldn’t be happier with him.  Check out Vandeventer Vintage’s Flickr photostream for more items in their store . . . . I may be headed back for the marble coffee table so leave that one for me please.  Thanks!

7 responses to “Meet Mr. McCobb . . . I mean Paul

    • Thanks Erin! We’re loving it too. Especially since I had all the mess of wine glasses and everything all stacked up on the sofa/banquette. It’s such a relief to have things put back together finally. It was starting to look a little crazy over here!

    • Thanks Susan! St. Louis especially seems to be fairly saturated with great and affordable mid-century modern furniture. Maybe having the Arch as our own has influenced us more than we know.

  1. Mr. McCobb, if you’re nasty.

  2. Oh wow! I don’t remember seeing that at Vand. Vint. when I was there. Musta just came in. Nice. Looks great with all that liqueur and barware in there. Need a set of pricey barstools to sit next to it? (hint hint) I thought this posting was gonna be about a set of daybed sofas that got recovered! Check out Dave’s blog (Dave’s MidCentury Stuff) for some inspiration toward that end!

    • Don’t worry, grasshopper. The sofa’s are coming. We move at a snail’s pace around here. Right now I have fabric cut for a couple of test pillows for Sophie and Shenanigan to try out (e.g. destroy). And I have more fabric bought, washed and dryed along with zippers and piping to be a sewing trial on a Danish/MCM wood lounge chair and ottoman I have had in the basement for about three years. All in due time, all in due time. 🙂

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