Italia Mondial Classic Electric Guitar

Pretty good looking bastard. Bought this off a friendly hippie in Illinois.

Modeled after the old Kay and Airline models, this is really a beautiful work of art. The design of it is just perfect, but in a flashy sort of way.  I want to do weird things with it, like make it little hats and cook it dinner.

The strings were probably 10 years old, and rusted through. There was also an extreme gap in action all the way down the neck. Cut the old strings off and popped the neck off for a quick shim at the neck heel. That set the angle of the neck almost perfectly parallel to the strings.

The neck had this bizarre 2-screw system that actually works very efficiently.

Even with the beautiful finish, there was a lot of sweat and dirt to get rid of.

Next step was cleaning up the chrome on the pickups and tailpiece. An amazing little trick is to rub it with aluminum foil. Just check out the job it did for this pickup-



The sound has a typical humbucker range on the normal settings, but when you fire up the piezeo pickup, it really shimmers with the res-o-glass construction. lots of fun to play.

Up for grabs on Ebay! See it here!

7 responses to “Italia Mondial Classic Electric Guitar

  1. Hey, how about posting a short little video of these axes getting a workout demonstrating some of the different sounds? Maybe use a Line 6 Pod (or something similar) on a common amp setting for a good reference?

    • Hi Mr. Modtomic — we actually have been filming these and putting them on YouTube — definitely people want to see how a guitar works/sounds if they’re going to take the eBay plunge. You can see it here – (we haven’t done the fancy thing and upgraded our wordpress account to post videos yet . .. maybe someday). Cheers – CT

  2. Two outputs? Weird! I’m guessing one for each of the pickups? Good sound on that vid too. Better than I was expecting. You can’t just copy and paste the HTML provided by Youtube to drop the video into your blog post?

    • One passive input for the two humbuckers. The second input is active, powered by a 9 volt battery. That kicks on the two humbuckers, along with a Piezeo pickup hidden in the bridge. Great surf sound, can also sound like a Rickenbacker.

    • PS – For WordPress users, you have to pay extra money for a video package. We’re such a small blog and we already bought extras like ad-free and a memory upgrade to let us post music files so it didn’t seem worth it at the time to do video too. Maybe we’ll look at it again now that JT is getting so far deep into the eBay thing. Cheers – CT

  3. Nice looking guitar. I haven’t seen one of those before. Strange combination of controls and sockets on it. Nice sound. I’ll remember the tip with the aluminium foil.

    • Thanks. Fun one to work on for sure. Trick with the foil is to use wide, even strokes. Also useful for classic car bumpers!

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