Oh the ways the internet can amuse

One of the nice things about using WordPress for this little ol’ blog is that it tells you all the search terms people use to find you. 

 Things like “dog manicure”

and  “help my husband has a guitar addiction!”

(Yes those are all guitars that have come or gone or still reside in our house within the last three months.)

The most popular are “lab corgi mix” (that’s Shenanigan – and really he is the most ridiculous dog)

For instance, while lounging on the sofa the other night, we look over to see little Shenanigan hanging out on and behind the new pillow I made (crochet!).  That long little nose always needs a pillow to hold it up. 

Or, a different day, he needed the crochet pillow for his front end and another pillow for his back end.  Sophie declined all pillows for the comfort of flat out snoozing on her side . . .

So.  Lots of dog pics.

You internet users has also searched for us via “music room floor plan” or “music room layout”:

Do you have a music room in your house?  I’d love to see it.  What about a lab/corgi?  I love those too (along with all other mutts and dogs in general).  Do you give your lab/corgi doggy manicures?  Or do you have a husband with an affinity for buying, keeping and selling guitars?  Let’s chat.  We might have a lot in common.

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