Little things can make a big difference!

We’re kind of bogged down in the middle of a bunch of projects right now and I haven’t wanted to post blog updates of every minute detail.  It’s the after shots that are so much fun, not the little incremental during shots. 

We did what we thought would be a little project last Saturday that in true DIY form, turned into a big project (or at least time wise.)

The music room has been mostly done for a while but the door has always bothered me.  All the other doors in our house are solid core old wood doors with Art Deco knobs.  The music room door was a cheapo solid core door FAUX PAINTED (by the previous owners, obviously) to look like wood with a hideous brass knob.  It was time for it to get lost.  We had hunted around the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a new/old door with no luck.  Then we remembered there was one in the garage . . . . that used to be the back door on the house before the sun porch was added on . . . and it was a (almost) perfect fit!

It wasn’t really a perfect fit.  JT performed door surgery and cut off a lot of rotted stuff at the bottom, notched out space for the hinges, then had to shim and shim and shim (and then power sand) for this thing to fit.

But through sheer willpower and determination, he got it to fit.  And it was worth it.

It’s a relatively small change that makes such a big difference!  Now we can see into our magical little music room haven but keep the pesky peeing Sophie from visiting her new favorite spot on the rug.  Light can flow through the whole house.

The music room beckons you in to hang out and relax (and play a guitar if you are so inclined).

It’s not all the way done — JT has the knob soaking in a concoction of chemicals to get some paint off (the previous homeowners were very liberal in their application of white paint and we find it most of everywhere).  So the new/old knob still has to go back on.  We’re also going to install some blinds on the music room side of the door so if we have a house crasher/overnight guest they can sleep in privacy. 

Here’s the view from the other side:

(See Mr. Shenanigan peering in? — the bottom panes are just at nosy dog height).  The black chair is just visiting the music room temporarily. . . .  it has been preempted from its (new) normal spot by, of all things, the refrigerator.

Yup, kitchen tile is HAPPENING!  Wednesday night folks.  I’m so excited.  All these little (and big) projects makes this old house feel like our home.  

Have a great week everyone!  Since our kitchen is in disarray I will be eating lots of fast food, tiling my heart out and enjoying every second.

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