Another round at the Green Shag

We spent almost every free moment this past weekend on our hands and knees in the kitchen – grouting, wiping up grout haze and then sealing said grout.  However there was some curing/drying time required for the tile, grout and sealant to set, so I convinced JT to take me by the Green Shag Market again.  No need to sit and watch the paint (sealant) dry.

Our first visit netted us the vinyl ottoman and Pendleton blanket, both of which have been living in the music room.  I knew I was in trouble about four stalls in, when we started slowing down and calling out to each other to check out whatever cool thing we had just discovered.  By the third aisle, we had to start a “pile” at the check-out counter so we would have our hands free to finish perusing the store.

Here’s a peek at one of our (well mine really) scores — a gorgeous, spiky sculpture thing that had me at hello.

(Yes those are unpainted hole patches you see behind there.  I finally got around to patching the holes, just not painting them all right!  I’ve been busy!  And I tried to Photoshop it out but I decided to just keep it real.)

I picked the spiky spaceship up gingerly at Green Shag, expecting it to be heavy but it was surprisingly light – hollow.  It is a plastic catch-all dish and for $8 it was most definitely mine.  I’m always looking for aesthetically pleasing ways to store stuff.     Unlike some of the utterly bare second homes of rich Manhattanites with housekeepers you see on the pages of Elle Decor, we have clutter at our little bungalow and need ways to contain it.     Our house is lived in, every inch, and having a great stash spot for things like gum and the bar of “T” soap your mother gave you for Easter even though you are a 31-year-old grown woman is critical (But Thanks Mom!).

Better yet, the two halves of the dish are identical so if we ever want to get real fancy up in here, they can be gourmet dog dishes for Sophie and Shenanigan.  Yikes.

I’ll have some tile pictures soon — we got finished up so late the other night and then with this pesky work thing I haven’t had any good daylight for proper pictures.  I don’t want to tease you too much so here’s one I snapped in the morning before work. . . .

I am IN LOVE!!! (And Internet shouting, sorry people).  More on our other Green Shag scores later.  Here’s a hint — one involves a guitar.

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