Now that the kitchen’s mainly finished, I’ve been kind of bobbling around the house with a “what’s next” puzzled expression.  I think the best, most rational course of action would be to finish up all the loose odds and ends projects I have started but yet to finish (like the kitchen door, sewing some pillows for my mother, finishing the crochet plant pot among others . . . )

But something keeps calling me to the bathroom.  The last room in our house that the public sees that I have yet to do over.  Oh how I wish I had some before pictures from move-in day.  The bead board was painted a pee colored yellow and above that was a lovely yellow floral wallpaper.  I did paint the bead board white and the wall above it Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey . . . and then nothing.  Same nasty light fixture.  Same clunky wooden shelf.

Oh yeah and I changed out the knobs on the vanity.   Funny what a picture can remind you of.  The shower curtain was a Goodwill score.  $3 I think.  I was planning on making pillow covers out of it at one time but just went ahead and used it for its original purpose instead.  Go figure.

Prepare yourself for the aforementioned hideous light fixture:

(Not only are you hideous Mr. Light Fixture, you are also impossible to photograph).

So one day, this:

What’s that Elvis, you like the one on the bottom left the best?  So you want to hang out and coif your hair on Sherwin Williams Rainstorm?  Who am I to deny you Elvis. 

So, it’s not the same blue as the music room and kitchen, it’s a little moodier and seductively handsome, kind of like The King himself.  But you know me and my notoriously slow progress on projects . . . we’ll see this again in November?  Sounds good.

One response to “Next?

  1. My eye went right to the bottom left blue. OH YEAH! Very nice. I’m so drawn to the dark colors. It’s okay to be slow, I’m the queen of slow. It’s just good that you have your plan and you’ll attack it when the time is right.
    Love the color… and Elvis will say “thank you very much”!

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