Baumritter “Man Chair” updates

The $13 Man’s Chair in Living Analog’s living room got a little bit of a spiff up.  The straps that the seat cushion sat on were permanently warped down, down, down and they were old.  So old that they no longer had any flex and were now hard, brittle and flaky.  Time for new.  Right Shenanigan?

Did you break one?  No worries.  I turned to my trusty old friend Amazon and ordered this black webbing.  Then JT wrestled with the chair (it rocks so it was kind of hard to hold it in place) and staple-gun strong-armed in the new straps.  Much better.

The chair also had a bunch of finish runs and blobs.  I decided to try out the Howard’s Restor-a-Finish since I had seen it work so many wonders on Mr. Modtomic’s blog.

And wonderful it was.  We picked it up from the paint and stain aisle at our nearby Home Depot.  I just grabbed the first one I saw and it worked out but if you try this one at home be sure to check — the Howard’s Restor-a-Finish comes in different colors depending on the wood finish you’re working with.

So we’re back to sittin’ pretty.

Next up for this guy will be upholstery.  But he’s low on the list — first I have to do the Danish Daybeds I have languishing in the basement. And another project in the basement has also been started . . . .

But if and when Man Chair does get new upholstery, I’m thinking a leather/vinyl might be nice since our leather sofa is going bye-bye soon.  Something like this . . . but maybe in white?

Image via

Enjoy your short week everyone!  Cheers – CT

9 responses to “Baumritter “Man Chair” updates

  1. Love your chair! Restor-a-Finish and teak oil truly are two more wonders of the world.

    • The husband loves the chair too. I’ll love it more when the upholstery is changed out but it is definitely a great reading chair. I’m loving the Restor-a-Finish and also the Howard’s Feed n Wax. It is so rewarding to bring these older pieces back to a robust life.

  2. Great job with the webbing! That chair is on it’s way to FABULOUS! This is one of those chairs my husband and I would fight over. “it’s mine tonight”!
    Big improvement on the finish…. like magic.

  3. Elliott Paloy

    I have a Baumritter chair similar to yours and I would like to know if the ottoman is also Baumritter.
    Thanks, Elliott

    • Hi Elliot —
      I checked the ottoman when I was taking some pictures in the living room yesterday. The ottoman is the only thing with a Baumritter tag on it. I’ll post some pictures of it here within the week. Cheers – CT

  4. I have that chair as well and would LOVE to have the matching ottoman as well. I can’t find one for all my internet searching. 😦 I’m glad you posted these pictures so I at least know one exists and what it looks like!

    • Hi Jane —
      That’s too bad yours didn’t come with an ottoman — I wonder if some people back in the day choose to buy the chairs without it. It kind of seems like it’s meant to be a set to me. . . I would get one of those leather poofs that are all the rage and pair it together so you can have a place to put your feet up, rock back in the chair and relax. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers – CT

  5. I know this is an old post but I was hoping you could tell me about the webbing. Did redoing it provide the correct support/comfort? How long did it last before stretching out again?

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