Soon to be one less disaster area in the basement . . .

I haven’t posted any pictures of the basement on this here blog because I didn’t want to scare all you nice folks away.  In one corner of the basement (under our bedroom),  the previous owners “finished” off a room and added a walk-in closet.  I say “finished” loosely because there are no doors, no flooring beyond painted concrete and the ducting is attached with duct tape.  Although now that I type this, maybe that is the purpose for duct tape.  This larger closet was coming in pretty handy because the upstairs closets are all teeny-tiny in the style of the 1940s.  But then there was a leak or something in the mechanical stuff on the other side of the closet wall and I noticed one day my closet was smelling funny (and thus my clothes) . . . and moldy drywall was discovered and quickly torn down.

So now we’re here:

And we’ve been here for a while (One or two years?  Who’s counting anymore . . .)  My clothes have been patiently hanging on one of those mobile hanging racks and they want to go back home. 

But there’s good news — (insert drumroll) as an early birthday present,  my father-in-law is coming over tomorrow to help the husband hang the pegboard and some other goodies to put me back on the path to a functional closet.  Yay!  This may put me close to completing one more thing from my 2012 New Years Resolutions . .  Crazy. As always, updates to follow!

2 responses to “Soon to be one less disaster area in the basement . . .

  1. Fantastic! I love pegboard. Along with duct tape, it keeps the earth spinning properly on its axis.

  2. thatmidcenturyfella

    Great! Good luck!

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