Living Analog’s Living Room – 4th paint color is the charm

I’m a little overdue in sharing some “after” pictures of a do-over on the fireplace and our accent wall. (Maybe it was because I spent all last week ranting and raving. Sorry about that.)  So as a reminder, we started here:

White accent wall and dirty, stained concrete fireplace.

Then came a can of off-the-shelf white garage floor paint from Home Depot and a can of Behr Paint & Primer color matched to Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze.

Urbane Bronze is the darkest member of Amazing Gray’s color family (all the other walls are Amazing Gray).  Since they share a similar base color, they blend well together.  Although if I had all the time in the world, I might consider painting all the Amazing Gray walls to be Shoji White (the color that used to be the accent wall which is two steps lighter than Amazing Gray in the same color family).  Having your colors be “related” can make a big difference in your home.  They work together effortlessly, e.g. with no effort on my part in picking from the whole big box of colors — I can just go to one strip on my fan deck and – voila – done!

Since I had the camera out and I’m about to reshuffle everything in the whole damn house around, I thought I’d take a minute and do a “snapshot in time” of the living room and dining room.  For our tiny bungalow of a house, we actually have a fairly open floor plan with the living room and dining room joined together.

The Value Village doesn’t-fit-in-the-car-debacle chair is currently hanging out in the living room as well.  Our house is about to explode with all the stuff I have crammed into it for the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale (October 20th!!). 

I gave the chair a good scrub-down with some rubber and vinyl cleaner we have for the Fairlane and then went after the legs with the Simple Green stainless steel spray and some aluminum foil.  That has been my secret go-to for getting chrome to shine up nice and get rid of age/rust/dust/miscellaneous spots.

He looks better, no? Well everything looks better with a (faux) sheepskin on it, especially now that fall’s chilly weather has arrived.  Next to Paul (our Paul McCobb secretary turned bar) you will see one of my I’m-a-lucky-girl birthday gifts.  My father-in-law and his wife now live in Eureka so we sometimes hit the Eureka Antique Mall together.  They remembered how I fawned over this cool bullet-esque planter but resisted pulling the  trigger for fear of becoming a crazy plant hoarder.  When we were at Home Depot picking up paint, I added a Draconae (?) plant to the cart but haven’t had a chance to pot him up all the way.  (As a side note, I’m not sure why there’s an eery green light in the hallway in that picture above.  Husband was working on his guitars in the music room so maybe he did it).

I also have another little before and after of the dogs’ storage — before it was a large woven basket we kept under the orange vinyl sofa.  It was hard for the dogs to get to their bone stash and the woven basket was a magnet for dog hair.  I picked up the white plastic one at Target, purged out a few of the toys they don’t like anymore and moved it over under the black chair.  Sometimes it’s the smallest little “tweaks” that can make a big difference.

Speaking of dogs, where are they?  Oh, just relaxing on the sofa while I take photos.

Lazy bums.  And for documentation sake, here’s one more of all the clutter that lives on the wall behind the sofa:

The floating shelves are not really styled right now, they are mainly filled with all the things I took off the mantel and moved about willy-nilly.  Since the whole room is about to get moved around willy-nilly, I didn’t really mess with them. 

So  that’s the living room and dining room as it stands right now.  And yes, if you look carefully you can see that one of the Hans Wenger-ish rope chairs has had its seat de-roped.  It’s a snapshot in time, a snapshot of how we sometimes live with half-finished projects until the time rolls around that they can be completed . . . a nice dose of reality — the Living Analog living room will never be quite “done” but I’m starting to like where it’s headed. 

Cheers – CT

10 responses to “Living Analog’s Living Room – 4th paint color is the charm

  1. Everything looks fabulous! It’s so amazing to me how some paint can change a room and in the end change YOU too. I’m always happier in a space that looks and feels good. You definitely go the lookin’ good part down! Great job.

    • Thanks Stacey, that’s very sweet. Suffice it to say that even a design professional does not pick the perfect color on the first try . . . or third. Or maybe the past colors were just a progression of where we were. Another snapshot in time, I guess. Who knows what color I’ll be painting that wall in 6 months time!

  2. Love the transformation! We are actually considering going with the same colors (white and shades of grey). It looks great. Out of curiosity, are your walls plaster or drywall?

    • Thanks Nick Armadillo. We do have plaster walls, thankfully with a fairly smooth texture. If you look at the pictures again, you will probably spot some big ‘ol cracks that need repairing ….

  3. thatmidcenturyfella

    It looks like a completely different room! It was great before, and now crazy good!

    • Thanks MidCenturyFella. That’s very kind. It is amazing what a can of paint can do. I’m not afraid of color but I am pretty opiniated about it . . . or which ones I like I mean . . . Cheers – CT

  4. I think the white fireplace against the Urbane Bronze is fabulous. Deciding to paint the fireplace white made such a difference…but then painting the wall it’s on such a dark color was nothing short of inspired. You must be so happy with your new room!

    • Thanks Dana! It was definitely a “wah-wah” moment when I finished painting the fireplace and it had turned into a chameleon and totally blended into the white wall. The husband was really on board with painting the dark grey/brown wall because he actually helped me paint (nothing short of a miracle) so we are both definitely really happy with it. I haven’t sullied it yet by hanging any artwork but I think that might be the next step. . . . Cheers – CT

  5. Do you have some suggestion on accent walls for my house. I have a long rectangle shaped living room with the fireplace off center on the small wall with the TV mounted to the right of the fireplace. The fireplace is a gray/tan rock and I don’t want to paint it. I have plum colored couches with accent pillows that have plum and wine ferns and a metallic gold/silver background carpet a light gray Berber. I want to go a light warm gray but don’t want the fireplace to disappear and I’m not sure if it make sense to accent the fireplace wall and what color. I can email pictures if it helps. Also my living room flows into the dining so I need suggestions there too.

    • De — Hmm . . as someone who has painted and painted until I got it right, my advice would be big test swatches! Since your fireplace is already grey/tan you are going to need to have something as a vibrant color if you really want an accent wall there. What seemed to work well with our fireplace when it was grey was to make the wall really light and bright (white). The other walls are all a warm neutral (Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray) and then really add in some color and punch with artwork and accessories. Another option would be to do a deep plum color to complement your sofas. Let us know if you decide to add in an accent wall! Cheers – CT

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