Green Shag or Bust!

Well it’s now like T-18 hours to the Green Shag Parking Lot sale so I guess I really have to do this thing that I committed to  . . . .

Good news: I did all my pricing and this stuff is gonna be cheap!  I want it gone, not coming back into my house, bye bye, see you later.

But I do want to see it later so I hope some buyers might send me “after” pictures.  Especially some of the items that are more “project-y”, as in they’re not in mint condition right now and need someone to love them and I didn’t have the time . . . .

Other good news:  I think all of the STL blogging community will be there!  Or at least the ones I read: Mister Modtomic and Secondhand Hannah have both committed to parking space/booths.  Nick Armadillo from Mid-Century Midwest is coming.  Anyone else?  Maybe if I get brave I’ll introduce myself.  It is kind of nice being anonymous on the interwebs though . . .

Bad news: I have no furniture pictures to share.  And what’s a blog post without pictures?  Would dog pictures be an acceptable substitute?

Here’s some of Mr. Shenanigan, doing what he does best, and living up to his name.

#1 — (little paws under the door) Hey, I want in this room!  Hey, I’m in.  What’s going on?  Got anything for me to eat?

#2 — Aww man, no bacon.  I want out of this room!

So there you have it.  A day in the life of a very self-centered dog (taken with a very grainy iPhone).  If we weren’t already manhandling around three hundred pounds of furniture, I would bring the dogs on Saturday.  Maybe they will end up stopping by . . . . Green Shag sale or no sale, have a great weekend everybody!

Cheers – CT

5 responses to “Green Shag or Bust!

  1. I was under the impression that all of you STL bloggers had already met. Go ahead and introduce yourself. I’ve met several of my Texas blogging buddies…plus a couple from Tennessee and one from as far away as Canada. It’s always great to put faces with names. Good luck at the sale. I hope you get rid of everything.

    • I have met Mr. Modtomic once or twice (I bought a few things and then our work offices are so close together I’ve almost run him down in the street). I think sometimes I’m too shy for my own good . . . I’ll do better this weekend!

  2. Mr. Mod and I have become good friends and I’ve seen Hannah around a few times. Good people. Come introduce yourself!

  3. Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel

    Silly puppy. 🙂

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