Decorating for Christmas, Part Two

Our first Christmas card arrived the other day and I was so excited to put it up on the mirror like last year.  I’m hoping more are on their way . . .


If they’re not it’s because we haven’t sent out cards at all, mainly because it’s just the husband and I, and no one wants to see our mugs year after year.  But we wanted a picture to sent to JT’s grandma this year and came to find that really we haven’t taken many of just the two of us in the last almost eight years of marriage. . . . something that will need to be remedied soon.  The photographer who did my sister’s engagement photos was really great . . . .

Also some presents are wrapped! Sticking with my “white and bright” theme, I picked up a roll of plain white wrapping paper.  I still need to add some embellishments in the form of tags and ribbon and then they will be all done!   I wish I could say we’re all done with shopping but that’s never the case.  There’s always someone a little trickier to buy for. (You know who you are.)

While putting up our decorations this year, there was one spot that felt a little bare.  While browsing through my daily Google Reader feed a few days ago, I saw a wreath that reached out of the computer screen and pulled me in.  I HAD to have it.  Immediately.  I haven’t felt the urge to acquire something that strongly in a while.  Check out this post on the Nesting Place here and see if you can spot what I spotted.


Or . . .  I’ll just go ahead and show you what I did!


I figured rather than buy, why not make!  I still had some paper left over from my punched dots garland and off I went.


At first I thought I needed to get a wreath form or something more round to attach my paper leaves to but I still wanted the wreath IMMEDIATELY and didn’t necessarily want to start spending money on something I had already started for free.    So I used a large bowl and a little dessert plate to trace out my circles on cardboard.


My sisal rope from Home Depot is still going strong so I used that to hang it in what I’d like to consider a simple-yet-casual arrangement.  There was one spot on the wreath that was a little flattened out already from my learning curve as I glued the leaves down so I looped the twine around that section.


I also had a couple of sections of white twinkle lights left over from my teenage years when Leonardo DiCaprio was Romeo and Claire Danes was Juliet and I listened to Sarah McLachlan a lot in my bedroom.  You know, the nineties.  I wrapped them up into a little white light twinkle ball and nonchalantly set that on the window ledge to complete the holiday decorating.

I still had one other task at hand — that pesky green painters tape I used to rig up the mantel.  After a quick trip to Target (kidding – when is it ever a quick trip!) I had my white duct tape and fixed up the mantel.


Doesn’t it look like I photoshopped that picture or something!  It’s magical!  And then . . . I saw something else  I could use the white duct tape for . . . at guess where . . . . The Nesting Place.  Check it out – this is next.  Watch out mantel!

2 responses to “Decorating for Christmas, Part Two

  1. Your decorations look so classy!

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