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Living Analog has been around for a year and a half now (in this format) and we have met some great people here on these interwebs.  I want to introduce you to a few great blogs that have supported us in the last year by adding us to their blogroll – you know, the little sidebar that suggests other blogs to check out.  These bloggers were also nice enough to answer a few questions for me so please browse on over to their blogs and see what is going on in the neigborhood!


A Goode House

1) Do you have one piece of furniture that you will always keep no matter what? If so what is it?
I guess I will always want to keep our Eames Sofa Compact and our Poul Kjærholm PK55 dining table.  We waited 8 years to get that table and I imagine it’s something we could never part with.
2) What is your dream piece of furniture that you would own if money and time and space were no object?
As for my “dream piece”.  Honestly there’s nothing we wish for right now.  I do want a George Nelson dresser for the bedroom but that’s something totally doable.  Now that we’ve found a real Barcelona chair it’s been crossed off my list too.  We’ve been collecting for over 20 years so our once long list of “someday we’ll have” is pretty much crossed off.  Wow, that’s a trip to type!  We’re freakin’ exhausted!!!
3) Why do I blog?
Well, lately I haven’t been.  HA HA HA!  Kidding.  Seriously, I started the blog so family and friends could keep track of all the crazy work we were facing with this house.  I knew that it would be taking all of my free time and I wanted my friends and family to really understand and see for themsleves just what we were getting ourselves into and to keep some type of “journal” for myself.  When you’re in the thick of it day to day you forget just how much you’ve really accomplished.  The blog always helps me stay motivated.  Over the holidays I sat down and looked back at the last year and thought “DAMN, we really kicked butt”!  It’s always good to do that. I continue to blog for the same reasons.  I love all the new online friends I’ve made from all over the world but honestly the reasons for doing it remain the same.

Mid2Mod Blog Logo (1)


1) Do you have one piece of furniture that you will always keep no matter what? If so what is it?
I have a Jens Risom credenza that I got for an incredibly low price, and it will follow me wherever I go! It was my first really good piece of mid-century furniture.

2) What is your dream piece of furniture that you would own if money and time and space were no object?
If time, money and space were no object, I’d love to own the huge six-bay teak wall unit designed by Poul Cadovius that my son-in-law has for sale at the store. It’s gigantic…but it’s so beautiful. He will sell separate bays, so I’m very tempted to see what kind of deal he’d give me on two or three for the new apartment.
3) Why do you blog?
Hmmmm…why do I blog? That’s a great question. I absolutely love mid-century and modern design, and I’m retired, which gives me a good bit of spare time to write. Since I’m a former high school English teacher, that’s an activity which is dear to my heart, so I can combine my two passions and lend a little support to the family store at the same time. It almost seems like it was meant to be!

Mid-Century Modern Remodel

1) Do you have one piece of furniture that you will always keep no matter what? If so what is it?

Buffet and dining set my dad made which fits perfectly in our tiny dining space.

2) What is your dream piece of furniture that you would own if money and time and space were no object?

I love Broyhill Brasilia but our house is small. I scour ebay and craigslist for the perfect piece.

3) Why do you blog?

Because I honestly love midcenturymodern and remodeling. I also enjoy the challenge of writing and traffic driving. And a big benefit that keeps me going is other blogger colleagues that I have met along the way!

500 posts header edit 950 wide short

Mister Modtomic

1) Do you have one piece of furniture that you will always keep no matter what? If so what is it?

Used to, I’d have said “yes, my Selig ‘Z’ chair.  It’s what I consider one of the finest distilations of the Danish modern lounge chair designs.”  But for realz, everything has it’s price.  Offer me enough greenbacks or the right trade and it…or anything else…is yours!  Does that make me a slut?

2) What is your dream piece of furniture that you would own if money and time and space were no object?

 Gosh, I hate to sound so pedestrian given all the world of vintage modern to choose from but I gotta stick with a true vintage (late ’50s through, what? early ’80s) Brazilian Rosewood and black leather Eames / Herman Miller Lounge Chair (670) and Ottoman (671).  There are, of course, hundreds upon hundreds of other sofas, cocktail tables, lounges, dining suits et al that I could drop here, but the classic Eames Lounge and Ottoman are ALWAYS on my radar.  But I’m not so much interested in just plopping down the dosh for one and suddenly having it.  The hunt for one at a bargain price is at least 2/3s the fun!

3) Why do you blog?  And more importantly, how do you manage one blog post a day all while holding down a full-time job and curating an antique mall booth?

I publish my blog because I wanted a blog like mine out there.  There are lots of bloggers out there who blog about much of the same stuff as I, but I wanted more.  I love magazines like Atomic Ranch but it is only published FOUR times a year!  I got really sucked into the blog RetroRenovation when I found it a few years ago and a big part of why was that Pam (the blog author) posted mostly daily.  Also I found myself highly intrigued by a Youtube vlogger called Shaycarl and his Youtube channel: Shaytards.  Shaycarl took upon the challenge of posting a vlog every day for a year.  I was mesmerized by his charm and commitment to his product.  And he’s funny as h*ll!  That’s when I realized the secret to readership is blogcasting daily.  Posting daily is a challenge…and is becoming more challenging every day as I take on more projects.  I’ve missed a few days here and there but only for illness.  How do I manage?  Commitment…and backup plans!  If I don’t have something interesting to blog about (relative, I know!) I can always fall back on an episode of “Not My Turf”!  I’ve actually been flirting with the idea of farming out weekend posts or finding a blog partner who can do a day or two…but I’d really have to deal with some control issues for that to work out!

And because the questions sounded kind of fun, I thought I would chip in . . .

1) Do you have one piece of furniture that you will always keep no matter what? If so what is it?


Right now I would have to say that the one piece of furniture in our home with the most sentimental value is the little desk that is currently serving as my dressing table in the bedroom (Yes, I have been watching too much Downton Abbey and I’m okay with that.)  I rescued it from the curb outside my friend Jess’s house during college and then did a total remodel on it.  I stripped it, sanded it, and stained it the color it is now.  My dad helped me reglue and clamp the drawers and he cut and attached a new back panel for me.  He also helped me put the new hardware on — we had to drill all new holes.  My dad passed away suddently in 2004 (we probably worked on this in maybe 2002 or so?  Not sure.) and this desk is a good memory of some time we spent together and how patiently he helped me achieve my goals. 

If you haven’t seen the online magazine Lonny yet, you should check it out sometime.  I saw this:


And immediately thought of my desk.  Wouldn’t that be such a cool update for it someday? (Photos by Patrick Cline, interior design by Matthew Kowles) Because in reality, my desk is not the coolest desk ever — the kneehole is super small and only fits that amazing little Lucite and white vinyl stool.  There’s no maker’s mark or any designer provenance.  So I love how the glass top and chrome legs remake this piece into something really  unique and a little more useable.

2) What is your dream piece of furniture that you would own if money and time and space were no object?

Because I wrote the question, I can also kind of cheat the system.  Because the dream piece of furniture I would choose would be a conversation pit.  Like this lovely:

4 miller house 1957

Built into the amazing Miller House and designed by Eero Saarinen. (Image from here.)  So, really by choosing this “piece”, I would get this house.  And it’s amazing!

3) Why do you blog?

I started Living Analog as a creative outlet from my daily design job.  Working for a commercial design firm is my chosen profession but it is not often I get to see my very own ideas through to fruition.  I persuaded JT to contribute to the blog with his guitar stories.  One of the few classes  that JT and I actually took together in high school was a creative writing class so a blog seemed like a great venture for us.  I’ve enjoyed the things that blogging has brought to my life: increased accountability to complete projects, a forum to discuss ideas for projects in the works and most importantly the connection it has created for us to the blogging community.  I wasn’t expecting that and it has been so enjoyable.

So thanks again to Stacey and Richie, Dana, Rebecca and Mister Modtomic for their support of this little ol’ blog.  It means so much!  Cheers – CT

3 responses to “Link Love

  1. CT, thanks so much for including me. I had so much fun answering your questions and reading everyone else’s answers.

  2. Hi there! The new year started with quite a BANG and I overlooked your post. Thanks so much for including me in your post… Very nice feature. Enjoyed reading as well.

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