She’s gone off the deep end . . .

Hi, interwebs, how have you been?  I have been hiding under my desk at work while a major deadline came and went.  And then at the chiropractor having all the kinks worked out for being crunched under my desk for so long . . . .

Also, I have some news to share and didn’t exactly know what to write so I’ve been hiding under my desk from the Interwebs as well.  How to start?  How about a little back story . . .

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this here on the blog but I am a LEED accredited professional.  What that means is I paid a lot of money for the opportunity to fail a test.  It was scary — scarier than gambling even though I was betting on myself and I studied my ass off.


(Image via US Green Building Council)

So, what is LEED?  It stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  In short I’m a green freak.  I think that is  part of what drives my thrift store habit — I’m recycling!  On a scale of green-freakiness, I would call myself a 7 out of 10.  We don’t have solar panels on our roof (although that would be great) and we don’t have a composting toilet (although the next one we install will be a dual flush).

That’s the back story to tell you I’m part hippie, part practical radical.  Now for the next part . . .

For a long time, I’ve also been a vegetarian although really it was bordering on the edge of picky-eater — I was still eating fish, eggs and dairy.  The other night, while working on some little touches for our dinner party this weekend, I hit the Netflix for something to watch while my hands were busy.  I like to be mindful about my television choices and pick things that might make me smarter or at least not make me dumber and so I settled on “Vegucated”.


(Image via Get Vegucated)

Well I have to say it gave me a long overdue push over the edge . . . Internet, I’m going vegan.  No more dairy, eggs, salmon burgers or M&Ms . ..  It’s a big jump but I’m ready to do it.  I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in knowing where their food comes from and what happens to it before it reaches your plate.  (And veganism is good for the environment.  Double plus.  Oh yeah, and possibly my health.  Triple plus.)

So even though I don’t really get into Valentine’s Day, this February 14th I am proclaiming my love for animals.  Man animals like my husband (contrary to public belief, it’s not required to become a lesbian to become a vegan), furry dog animals like Sophie and Shenanigan and even bird animals like the one that defiled my window ledge and terrified my kitchen.

dogs in a heart

P.S. Sorry about the bleeding heart liberal left-wing crazy head nut post there.  After this things will go back to design.  I visited Warehouse of Stuff and Goodwill by the Pound over the weekend, OUR BATHROOM MIRROR AND LIGHT FIXTURE GOT INSTALLED and lots more good stuff coming your way.  Thanks for hanging in there.

P.P.S.  I am a practical radical and realize not everyone wants to be a vegan.  For the dinner party on Saturday we’re still serving meat.  I don’t want to pull a bait and switch on anyone.  After this public declaration though, it’s fair game.

9 responses to “She’s gone off the deep end . . .

  1. I’ve had to give up reading quite a few blogs lately because they’ll delve into politics and start name-calling and speaking down to anyone who disagrees with them (see Manhattan Nest and Door 16). I try my best to avoid anything political on my blog, but this is a semi-political post done right: no vitriol, just sharing. Thanks for that.

    -one of the few meat-eating, gun-toting, radical right-wing design bloggers

    • Thanks Nick, that’s very kind. The cool thing about blogs is it can bring together a diverse crowd but there’s still a common interest – MCM furniture, good design — those things we can (maybe!) always agree on.

  2. I also work in the animal by-products industry, so I’ve always been a good resource for my vegan friends on what not to eat/use.

    • Do share! I’ve got a lot to learn. My google search is hilarious. “Is Diet Coke vegan” (yes) “Are M&Ms vegan?” (no). Thanks Nick!

      • There’s quite a few things out there that you would NEVER guess have animal by-products in them. It’s in just about everything (candy, most papers and films, cosmetics, even “veggie” foods. The one that always seems to get everyone I know is toothpaste.

  3. Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel

    Actually it was a pretty tame rant as rants go. I think we should all post a comment with our rants. I think we have all done it at least one. Here is my tame rant. I just reread this. I sound petty and spoiled. See rants aren’t really good. But yours really wasn’t a rant. And I will NEVER EVER give up meat. Too old and too Midwest.

    • Thanks Rebecca! The luxury of having your own blog is being able to use it as a place to share and/or vent and/or rant! Ironically part of the reason that I started disliking meat at a younger age (6th grade) was hearing my dad’s stories about growing up in Iowa, which is pretty midwestern. But to each, her own. Cheers – CT

  4. Well, first it’s awesome that you’re LEED accredited. Good for you and although we don’t have solar panels either we do everything we can to be “green” in our own little way. I’m fascinated by this process. There’s a beautiful botanical gardens in a little town about 15 minutes from me in Orange, Texas. (Shangri La Botanical Gardens) They’re entire facility is LEED certified PLATINUM. It’s so awesome to go there. Richie and I always pick up cool ideas.

    I wouldn’t call this a rant, really. I think it’s a little insight into who you are and how you prefer to live your life. Nothing wrong with that. As hard as I’ve tried I can’t give up meat completely. It’s so hard but I agree with you on making more of an effort to really think about where your food comes from. It can be pretty disgusting, really.

    And by the way… I work at an NPR radio station for crying out loud! No apologies necessary.

    • Thanks Stacey! Even though I don’t go into a lot of super-personal detail on the blog, going vegan seemed like a big deal (to me) and I wanted to share. Also putting it out there helps with the accountability thing so if someone spots me woofing down an order of McNuggets, they can totally call me out. Happily that’s not likely to happen since I mostly dislike the taste/texture of meat. Cheese on the other hand, I think I will miss. I guess instead of cheese and wine, I will just have more wine! Cheers – CT

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