Fashion, For Dogs

Sophie and Shenanigan’s last set of collars, from Earth Dog, were getting a little grungy and they were starting to make us crazy with the constant jingle jangle of their tags clanging together.  So we took them off a while ago and they’ve been naked ever since.   At one point I had found a tutorial and was going to try my hand at making them new ones myself but finally realized that was just not in the cards.  We were looking like very bad pet guardians with these little wild animals in our house — what if something happened and they got out — No ID!  (they are both microchipped but when you see a dog running loose without a collar you don’t usually assume it’s someone’s pet . . . )

So I called on my good friend, Etsy!  I ordered and they did arrive.


We got them both collars and leashes from Learned Stitchworks. (Visit shop here).  Sophie’s collar is  a pattern called “Hearts Galore”  and Shenanigan is sporting “Silent Cinema”.


Learned Stitchworks also makes bow ties or flowers in a matching ribbon/fabric to the collars . . .  I’m not really supposed to dress the dogs in clothes (per the husband’s request) but I think I might have to get these . . .

They’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and they are great!  We use the martingale style so they are a little looser while we hang out at home but then can tighten down to fit more snugly if we needed to grab them or when you clip a leash on.  This style has worked best for us because Shenanigan is kind of a “no neck” and I would feel bad if he had to wear a tight collar all day everyday.

To avoid the tag jingling, we’re going to get the name tags from Petsmart that will rivet right to the collar . . . still haven’t done that — we need to TCB on that one.

My only complaint is that the backside of the leashes are black but this is pretty standard for most of the custom leashes on Etsy.


Here’s Sophie looking regal on her sheepskin covered throne (I mean couch):


And Shenanigan — I rolled over one morning and he had taken JT’s spot on his pillow.


This is a bad iPhone picture of him saying “scratch my face”.  Because that’s what dogs say.

Can I just tell you how hard it is to get two idiot dogs to sit still for these photos?

OUTTAKE 3 copy

There were a lot of outtakes.

3 responses to “Fashion, For Dogs

  1. Looking super stylish, pups!

  2. Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel

    Your dogs are VERY good looking. Don’t feel bad, they aren’t posing any better than cats.

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