Who’s Schmoopy?

A while back we started calling my sister and her then-fiance “Schmoopy”.  Why?  Well because they were.  Googly-eyed and smoochy, they were so disgustingly in love that the only appropriate descriptor was “Schmoopy”.  And it stuck – somehow it became their pet nickname for each other.  As the Matron of Honor (do I sound old or what!) I gave a toast for my sister where I wished her a lifetime of Schmooopy-ness.  And I think they’ll do it!


(Another wedding picture I snagged off Facebook.  The Schmoopies are Smiths.)

As a shower gift, I made a little something for the Schmoopies.


With my handy computer and a little Photoshop action, I used an 11×17 size paper to create some diner-style paper placemats.  There’s a cute little print shop near us in South City called the Ink Spot.  I used them for the placemats, the bachelorette invites and also for the wedding programs (fans) and guest book cards I designed.  They’re super close by and I can upload the files online and call them and work through all my issues.  And when I went in to pick up my stuff, I fell in love with the decor.

Ink Spot

Above are some pictures I furtively snapped with my phone while picking up the placemats.  Call me a design snob, but I totally prefer to give my business to a place that gets my aesthetic.  MCM daybed with cute pillows and molded fiberglass chairs?  Sold.  I’ve got no skin in this game, I just thought I’d pass along a great local source for any STL people needing a printer out there.


Sister asked about framing one so I think she likes it.  And I still have the file so if Schmoopys’ Kitchen Cafe ever runs out of placemats, we can reprint some more.  Now that the wedding craze has passed I think I should whip some up for Living Analog as well.  We just need a handy slogan .  . . .

2 responses to “Who’s Schmoopy?

  1. Those are such cute placemats. That’s a great idea! I’m like you. I love to do business with like-minded people. My hair salon has Adrian Pearsall and Panton chairs in the waiting area. I knew I loved the place the minute I walked in.

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