Now for the promised news . . .

img27bThis is more for the benefit of any STLiens who haven’t heard yet – in a few short days, St. Louis will have a West Elm!  It’s opening up this Thursday at the Galleria.  Who will be there?  Me and JT, that’s who.  Thank my lucky stars, husband just sold two guitars in two days on eBay.  (Let the record state that one of the guitars I wanted to keep.  It looked so pretty hanging in our living room.  A perfectly logical reason to keep a guitar.  And to add insult to injury, the guitar I wanted to keep is going to Spain.  I’ve never been to Spain and this guitar gets to go?  Not cool, eBay, not cool.)  So with not-my-money in hand, I’ll be there and ready to shop.


I’m on the hunt for some more bathroom hand towels (we already have one gifted from JT’s brother and sister-in-law and we need more!!) and whatever else pretty thing catches my eye.  Husband’s guitar sale will be West Elm’s gain.  Maybe I’ll see you there!  Cheers to more furniture/accessory/lighting/bedding options for STL.  Still on the wish list: Ikea and a CB2.  Keep on dreaming, STL, it could happen.

(All images above from the West Elm website.  Bohemian is the new black.)

8 responses to “Now for the promised news . . .

  1. Yay, St. Louis! West Elm is a fun place to shop. I have a few things from there in my house. My daughter and SIL just bought some patio tables there, and even though they own a furniture store, they bought their bedroom furniture at West Elm…and it’s really cool! I think you’ll really like having it in town.

    • So funny to hear that furniture store owners occaisonally shop other places! I think that I will very much like having West Elm as a shopping option. Husband not so much. Cheers – CT

  2. ooooo, that sounds FUN! Especially with money in hand… ready for spending. I have never been in one of their stores but I love visiting their website and lusting over their products. Have fun little shopper!

  3. Now I know… thanks!

    • I kind of feel like they didn’t really publicize this thing very much (at all) . . . they need to get the A&D community informed if they want some shoppers!

  4. Oh man. I missed this! Time to head over and get my shop on.

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