The most adorable picture I have taken to date!

Off the back porch is a little back deck.  It’s not big enough to be anything more than a way to get oneself from the back porch to the back yard but nonetheless, there it is.  This little back deck, poorly constructed and painted John Deere green, was beginning to literally crumble away – it wasn’t safe anymore at all – not for us people or the sturdy little dogs we love.

Here’s a before shot (but missing the side rails because they came off with a push of a finger and we got excited and started demoing before we took pictures . . .)


What a glorious mess.  Nothing meets the residential code (stairs are 28″ wide, not 36″ and the baluster spacing is way to big), nothing is super structural . . . a mess.  As an added bonus there is a crumbling set of concrete stairs hidden underneath the platform.  (Wait a minute – that’s why the back deck exists!!!!!  It’s a platform to cover up the old concrete stairs!  Why did I never think of this before! – Okay back to the post. . . )

Last weekend, after getting back from our Minnesota trip, JT and I have been laboring in the sweaty, sticky soup that is St. Louis weather to create a safe, code-compliant, non-green back deck.  We’re not all the way done but we do have a safe platform and wide steps installed — and we had the dogs take a maiden voyage…


And that’s the story of how I ended up with the most adorable picture I have ever taken.  Shenanigan (the guy in front) is usually too busy being a stand-offish jackass to really let his true essence be captured on film – but I caught him running down the new stairs with his little piggie ears sticking straight up (they don’t normally do that) and it seems like you can see the real Shenanigan here.  Miss Sophie (our other tan dog) is in the background being sweet and demure like she can be and Cameron, our Stray Rescue foster dog is always tagging along for the fun.

We still have posts with neat copper post caps and lots of railings to install but we are so happy with the way our little back deck is turning out so far.  And it looks like the dogs approve.  Cheers – CT

6 responses to “The most adorable picture I have taken to date!

  1. Oh dear, I’ve known some good falling down stairs in my time. Those new ones look spiffy.

    • Based on your home reno experience at Third Story-ies, I don’t doubt you have had some crazy stair fun. As to be expected with any and all projects, no matter the scale, there was unforseen circumstances. So now the new stairs are crazy off center but still on the concrete path. Sometimes you just have to go with what you get. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers – cT

  2. The deck is coming right along and looking great…and the doggies are adorable.

    • Thanks Dana! Since that is mostly a front-on shot of Shenanigan you can’t see that he actually looks like a mangy mutt thanks to a skin allergy and large patches of missing hair. Oh my.

  3. Always love a good puppy shot! Quick question: Do you have a booth at the Kenrick Antique Mall? I recall you mentioning it somewhere, but may be mistaken.

    • Thanks Nick! No I don’t have a booth at Kenrick (or anywhere else for that matter). It would be fun but I don’t know if I have enough merchandise to move . . . I guess that could mean I could start shopping again . . . hmmm, dangerous.

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