What is this?

Ideas for blog posts have been percolating in my head this last week, sentences forming and reshaping themselves, ideas growing new ideas.  The strangest part is what has emerged – future posts about fashion (gasp), beauty (double gasp) and health (WTF, I know).   But not to worry – today I wrote up a list of things to be done on the kitchen and guest room and we’ve been doing a few things to our outdoor living space as well.  So all is not lost.  I might even get extra crazy and do a video tour of the new house since I haven’t motivated myself to photograph the darn thing yet.

And I’m still out thrifting, I just haven’t brought home any furniture finds just yet (they’ve all been clothing related, hence the looming “fashion” post).  But I did find this guy on the curb in our new neighborhood with a “free” sign taped to his oblong forehead.


So I did the normal thing and dragged his concrete ass home.  Actually he doesn’t have an ass.  Love him or leave him?

(He’s really heavy too – solid built and has someone’s phone number written on the bottom.  867-5309.)

4 responses to “What is this?

  1. The whole thing is pretty cool, but the phone number part is HILARIOUS. Also, do you read The Little Green Notebook? She recently (a few months ago?) relocated to Phoenix and has found some great stuff thrifting.

  2. Oh, love him, definitely! Ass or not, he’s unbelievably cool! At first I thought it was wood, but the fact that it’s concrete makes it even cooler.

  3. OH YES! Keep him, keep him! He’s the “head of that table”.
    Awesome little vignette you’ve got going there. Love the candlestick holders too! Love the fashion and health post ideas. Looking forward to it.

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