A few befores …

I thought I could find a few more before pictures of the master bedroom but I think all the photos taken during scorpion invasion and the subsequent painting/drop cloth/really tall ladder takes up the whole room phase got deleted from my camera roll.  However I did dig up a few gems from the realty listing.

Master Bed 01

See that fleshy beige wall paint!!!  And the vertical blinds – those were the first thing to go and it was very satisfying to throw them off the second floor balcony.  JT also updated all of the outlets and switches to be nice and clean and white to match our new wall color.

Master Bed 02

That fan!  There are a total of five of the same mildly offensive but oh-so functional Hunter fans throughout the house.   I’ve started the search for a perfect replacement and have yet to find one I really love ….

For comparison ….Bedroom 2

The bathroom …. which has the same light fixtures, mirrors, sinks, faucets, granite and cabinets as the other full and half bath in the house.  A real first world problem I have is that I HATE my granite.  Or maybe I just hate it in context of everything else that is going on.  At any rate, I have plans for this space ….

Master Bath

So there’s a little sneak peek into some “befores”.  I’ll have more and a floor plan soon!  Cheers – CT

2 responses to “A few befores …

  1. Ugh…ceiling fans. It’s so hard to find one that isn’t offensive, much less one that actually fits our aesthetic. But yes, they are nice to have.

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