Busy never seems to take a break!

My view for the last month has looked something like this …

… as I’ve been studying for the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification).  I didn’t get much enjoyment from sequestering myself away every evening and the last few weekends to hit the books but it needed to be done.  I took two of the three tests last Thursday and then hopped on a flight to Iowa Friday morning for a cousin’s wedding.  I’ll get my test scores back in a few weeks and then tackle the drawing practicum in the fall.

The last cousin wedding on this side of the family was my sisters and that was almost three years ago now (right sis?).  We’re spread out all over the country so it’s nice when there is an opportunity to get together and celebrate.  Even if it means eating brunch at a Paul Bunyan table at a place called Jethro’s Bacon Bacon.

Cheers!  CT

4 responses to “Busy never seems to take a break!

  1. Yes to that title!!!

    Also, Jethro’s Bacon Bacon. Hilarious. And very Iowa.

    • Iowa is a place that only happens in Iowa. I kind of lump it into the Midwestern category but it definitely has its own identity. (Which I like but I’m happy I don’t live there . …) Cheers – CT

  2. It was so great to see you cuz. You look amazing! What an awesome photo of Kim and Mark leaving the wedding. Love ya!


    • Thank MB – it was great too see your fabulous self as well. And for credit’s sake I should mention that Johnny actually took the photo as they were leaving the church and I just stole it from his Facebook feed 🙂

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