Hope for the Future (of our master bathroom)

Well guys, instead of sitting around and repining the state of my world (and the world) again this weekend, I feel a coffee fueled master bathroom renovation is in order.  Here are some disgusting before images to fuel me towards greatness …

In the image above, you can see the bright white on the left from painting the master bedroom versus the fleshy beige and the side and back walls of the sink nook that we inherited from the former owner.  Be gone fleshy beige!!  And boob lights and ugly, too small bath bars that are unbalanced in the space.  Sigh.  My favorite part is the wonderful designer who transitioned the floor from tile to carpet at just the right place … to leave a little sliver of white wood base next to the tile base.  The devil is in the details.

See you on the other side! (Have a great weekend, call your legislators!)  Cheers – CT

4 responses to “Hope for the Future (of our master bathroom)

  1. I’m always amused by little details like that. Who makes those calls? It seems like it would have just been common sense to run the white baseboard all the way. Sometimes I think it was just a cutting error that nobody wanted to correct. ::shaking my head::

    • I’m not standing in the space right now but I think the flooring transition lines up with a corner on the other side. I think I would have just kept the wood base, even with a tile floor but I’m kind of crazy like that …

  2. This made me seriously laugh out loud. The devil is in the details.

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