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The story of Sophie and the bad dog adventure day . . .

JT and his dad made a trip to rural Ohio this past weekend for some time with his sweet 94-year-old grandmother.  With some free time on my hands, I decided it would be a good time to tackle my little basement lair, the “studio”.  (See this post for the crazy before pictures.)  It’s a tiny room with two concrete walls and concrete floors.  I’m going to add an area rug over the concrete to warm it up but I wanted to paint all the concrete first. . . seal it up and clean it up.  I am using the same Porch & Patio floor paint we used on the living room fireplace and am so excited to have a white floor somewhere in this house! PAINTING AWAY
This weekend was a little windy and Sophie had been hiding out in the basement due to her fear of the “Windman”.  After painting myself out of the studio (I’m doing half the floor at a time and then shifting all the furniture/clutter/mess/junk back over) I came back downstairs to find that little Miss Sophie had visited my newly painted floor.


Caught with paint on her paws!  She was not a happy camper.  I took her out the basement back door and hustled her into the car.  It was off to Four Muddy Paws for a self-service dog wash.


Poor thing.  The only place she had any paint was on her paws and really I wasn’t too worried about her tracking it around the house because it was already pretty dry when I found her but I was worried about her licking it off her feet.  Plus, she smelled, well, like a dog so a bath is never a bad idea.  Four Muddy Paws is great – the tub is elevated and they have stairs for big dogs to climb in.  They have everything already there – aprons for the people, doggy shampoo and conditioner, brushes, combs, eye wipes and towels.  Plus they have the little reverse vacuum “blow dryer” system which Sophie tolerated with only a few grimaces in my direction.  I think it’s a little less stressful for the dogs to get washed by us rather than groomed by someone they don’t know so I prefer to do it that way but since it’s not at our house, there’s no mess to clean up!

The doggy adventure rounded out with Miss Sophie making a quick trip to Home Depot for some more paint.  Well behaved dogs on leashes are allowed in our store and she was pretty pooped out from her bath so we scooted through the store (no pictures, I was in a rush and I had Sophie in one hand and spray paint in the other) before heading back home.  I had been texting the pictures to JT in Ohio so he had a real-time adventure (and lots of laughs) with us.  It was both a quiet and a crazy weekend but at least a little progress was made on my studio!

Basement of Shame – Step 1, Admitting You Have a Problem

I know I keep hinting at a basement that is crazytown full of lord knows what but here’s for real.


This is my “studio”.  It is the anteroom to my walk-in closet and right now holds a lot of junk.  Pair of chairs I found in an alley in Lafayette Square?  Check.  All my shoes?  Check.  Clothes that I bought at Value Village and need to go to a tailor? Check.  Laundry that I haven’t hung up in the closet yet because it’s really freaking cold in our basement right now?  Check.  Random bits and bobs of fabric that I’m saving for any and all future projects? Check.  A Gateway Desktop from 2002? Check.   (Still chugging.)  My teddy bear that Shenanigan chewed the face off of when he was a puppy?  Double check.  Party favors from our wedding in 2004? Check.  Hey it’s reality.  We’re lucky to live in the midwest and have a basement!  It’s just time to start utilizing all this space a little better.

One good thing this room has going for it is the weird built-in storage left by the former owner (sporting my sorority paddle from Truman, yeah AGD!).  That will stay, as will the weird little cabinet that hides the main water shut-off in the corner.  Everything else – gone!  Put away, donated, used for a project or vaporized to somewhere else.  That’s not really true, a lot of the craft supplies and tools will stay along with the computer (I still use it — it has my Adobe Creative Suite I bought in college on it along with AutoCAD 2000!) but this room needs a serious dose of organization.

So first I decided I needed a plan.  Like a floor plan.  So I measured out my room and the furniture I wanted in there and did a quick CAD plan.


Floor plans and furniture plans are the best part about having access to CAD.  If you didn’t, some graph paper could be your best friend — set each box on the graph as an increment (1″ or 6″ or whatever fits) and use that as a guideline for anything you draw.  The furniture got cut out so I could rearrange to my heart’s content without lifting any heavy items.

The two brown items are an early 90s Danish desk and the beer pong table that used to be upstairs.  They were purchased by my parents at the same time so their finishes match (or used to before the table got used for beer pong).  The white rectangle is a folding table and the two blue rectangles are a surprise — something I picked up and am hoarding in my basement from Warehouse of Stuff . . .


Here’s two layouts I liked best.  The room has a weird dog leg and the “fancy” built-ins so the options are somewhat limited unless I buy new furniture (not happening).  So I’m off to a slow start on what will probably be a long and arduous project.

What are you guys up to this weekend?  I finally put on some warm clothes and braved the cold of the basement to start painting our Super Bowl Shelves.  (Yep, first coat went on last night.  I’m slow at projects, okay!).  I’m hoping to get some more done on those and maybe have them hung next week.  Cheers – CT