We had some grease-related incidents at our house this weekend:

The first was homemade butter from a post I saw on Designsponge (not sure how so much food/cooking content has made its way into Designsponge but there you have it).  It was pretty easy and we’re going to use it for a quick and easy pasta recipe later this week.

And JT was out in the garage with the Rumble Fish (AKA 1966 Ford Fairlane) giving it a good helping of Mechanic’s Grease.  Which makes me wonder — is this where the term “greasers” comes from?  If yes, then I guess I married a greaser.

That took care of the horrific shrieking noise the gas pedal was making (and it was rubbing against our new exhaust, glad JT found that one . . . )  but now that the shrieking is gone, new rumbles and rattles that are presenting themselves . . . That’s for another weekend I guess.

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