Blog World Meets Real World

The interwebs just got a little smaller — I met a St. Louis blogger last night — Mister Modtomic.  His blog is a great one to follow with daily posts that keep you coming back for more.  Speaking of those daily posts, I’m not quite sure how he does it, but I’m definitely not there yet! 

So how did I get so lucky as to meet Mister Modtomic?  I was doing a little blog stalking reading and saw that he had a Mid-Century Modern fireplace tool set up for grabs.  I grabbed!  Up ’til now we were rocking the Target nondescript fireplace tool set that was missing the brush since JT accidentally used it instead of the poker one night and ALL THE BRUSH HAIR BURNT OFF.  Yep. 

So here’s the newly restyled fireplace in all its glory:

We still have the nondescript Target fireplace screen though . . .

It’s a small detail, but the tripod fireplace tool set base lets it fit more compactly and efficiently onto the hearth.  Those MCM designers were all about maximum usefulness and didn’t forget design either. 

According to Mister Modtomic’s blog, the tool set came from the Forest Park Salvation Army, the same place I totally struck out a few weeks ago.  (See Mister Modtomic’s post about its origins here.)   Thrifting is definitely a hit-or-miss venture.  I have been meaning to the check out the latest Goodwill location — where they are selling things by the pound – at the old Famous Barr warehouse along Highway 40 near Grand. 

Here’s what the Goodwill website had to say about it: “The Outlet Store is the largest Goodwill Outlet Center in the country, boasting more than 20,000 square feet of retail space, and 93 bins full of merchandise that rotate every three and a half hours. More than 2,000 new items will be placed on the floor every 20 minutes, including clearance clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, glassware, some electronics, books and toys. “
Hopefully that won’t be a thrifting fail — I’d better put it on the calendar!

One response to “Blog World Meets Real World

  1. Oops, actually I got the set I’ve passed on to you from Dan (@ Modern STL). He had just purchased a cooler set and knew I was after a danish set so he passed it on to me. Thanks for the shout out!

    Mr. M.

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