A Little Funny . . . .

A few months ago, my mother went to Atlanta and swung into the local Ikea to graciously pick up a few things from the two page list I had made her . . . Two pages? I know.  One thing on the list I had her pick up was a little mirror for my bedside table where I put on my makeup.

Amusingly enough, the assembly instructions also had this great illustration.

Be careful or your curtains will catch on fire!!!

Another humorous item I crossed paths with recently is the Thos. Baker catalog.  It appeared in my mailbox at work, one of countless and random furniture magazines.  We get so many that most go right into the recycle bin without even a cursory perusal.  This one caught my eye though because it was advertising “Euro-Height Dining”.  The text kind of killed me: “There is no law that says your dining table has to be 30″ off the ground.  Try something new!”.  The quote unquote “Euro-Height Dining” is actually a coffee table!! 

Got to love those Europeans, always thinking outside the box.  Oh the lengths people will go to in order to sell some furniture . . .

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