A small corner of my world . . .

I’ve been traveling more lately, and was off without JT in Albuquerque this last weekend.  It made me realize how much I miss my little tiny home. 

Here’s one corner of it that I love — the dining room. 

I love how all these little pieces have come together to make a home.  The art was an anniversary gift from JT.  The vinyl MCM sofa we picked up at an antique mall — that was the first furniture purchase that JT really championed.  The tabletop is from my parent’s house but I switched it out to a base from my sister-in-law.  The two Karim Rashid Oh chairs were a gift from my mother.  The orchid lives with a tiny letter “t” in its pot — part of my ever-growing “t” collection. 

 I’ve been thinking about changing out the drapes in that area and maybe also adding a small console table or ledge behind the sofa for more plant/accessory area.  Part of what I love about our little home is that it’s an ever-changing thing.

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