Memorial Day

The things Wikipedia has taught me may be to vast to enumerate here.  What I learned today is that Memorial Day is a United State federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May to commemorate those who have died while in military service to the United States.   Thanks Wikipedia.  That may have been something I should have already known . . .

No foreign enemy killed my grandfather during his service in the Navy.  He was killed by an enemy much closer to home, Parkinson’s Disease long after his military service was over.  But still this Memorial Day, I salute him.  I also salute my cousin Blair who is currently serving in the Navy and is right now stationed in Italy.

John Glover Springer

My grandfather was already pretty far into his Parkinson’s world by the time I was old enough to have much memories of him.  I wish I could have met the dapper man in the photograph!

One of my 11 resolutions for 2011 was to scan and archive all the family photos I have so they can be shared with cousins, aunts and uncles.  This was my first scan, lets see how long it takes to get all two bins done . . . 2012?

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