A place for everything . . . at least knives

We came perilously close to getting some new appliances this week.  A co-worker had upgraded to stainless steel and was getting rid of her spotless white refrigerator and gas stove.  I’d love me some stainless too but with all the white South City tile in my kitchen, white would be pretty good too.  And hers were priced pretty cheap, another major selling point.  All this appliance talk was giving me flashes of a revamped kitchen.  (While we take the stove out, we’ll tile the floor!  Then I’ll finally paint the cabinets!  Then I’ll install those shelves! . . . )  Come to find out that co-worker’s fridge is a newer bigger model than ours and if we were to transplant it into our kitchen, it would overhang the doorway by 4″.  Pesky measurements. 

But alas, we did do a teeny tiny kitchen improvement.  On my scatterbrain mom’s scatterbrained trip to Ikea, I also had her pick up a magnetic knife rack, the Asker.  I made JT the notorious template . . .

And then he installed it for me . . .

(PS – JT just saw a preview of this post and called this his ‘weekend outfit’.  His words, not mine.)

The cart below the knife rack used to have the microwave on it but I moved it over to the Metro shelving for the time being.  I still have a lot of de-cluttering and consolidating I need to do in here, but the Asker has made a big impact for its diminutive stature.

And yes, that’s a light switch cover I still need to replace after painting the walls, um say three months ago . . . Small steps people, small steps.

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