T 001

While I’ve been “crafting”, JT has been hard at work in his secret basement lair that is so cluttered and disgusting that I will never, ever, ever, ever photograph it.  (Got that — Ever!)

Get this — he made a guitar!   This will be his third Telecaster . . . there’s a story in there about the revolving door of guitars but I don’t even have a full recollection of all of them and I don’t know if JT does either . . .  At any rate the first two were purchases but this one arrived like this . . .

Then JT had some fun doing test pieces of poplar to decide what stain and oils to use on the body.  I did an experiment with steel wool and vinegar for a black-ish stain that was less than successful.

Next came the sanding.  Sanding, sanding, sanding.  And whiskey, an integral part of the home guitar-building process.

And the body was done!!   

Next he cut his own design out of the block-o-wood headstock.

Then I got to do my part — the branding!
I have a small obsession with the letter T.  Since this was JT’s first guitar-build attempt, I named our Baby T001.  However I was using the soldering iron and it all needed to fit in the spot where the back plate would go, so it ended up looking like T–1.  Whatever.

Wiring and other stuff I don’t know how to do.

And then the first-born was finished.  Yeah, I put out champagne.  Here’s a secret at the T’s house:  I always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge because you never know when you might need to celebrate.  I find there are many moments in life worth celebrating.  JT completing all his hard work and ending up with an awesome sounding guitar is definitely one of them.

For T001’s YouTube debut . . . click here.  I’m still a novice blogger.  Sorry.   But I’m pretty proud of the husband for completing guitar #1. 

He now has #2 and #3 in the works simultaneously . . . we’ll see if I’m still so proud of this hobby when it takes over our house . . .

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