Life on Lawn

Our corner of St. Louis is known as South City because, well, it’s south of the city.   It is the officical home of the brick bungalow.

Our brick bungalow is not nearly so ornate (which is okay with me, some of it gets a little gingerbread-y for my tastes).   

It appealed to us because of the more open floor plan which seemed a little unusual for the area.  I spend so much (read: too much) time in AutoCad at work so it seems normal to have drawn our familiar 800 square feet up.

To the McMansion crowd, 800 sf may seem on the “quaint” side but for the two of us and the fur-kids its pretty great.  Would I change anything?  Sure!  A half bath would be great for when we have people over or for when JT has locked the bathroom door during an hour-long shower and I drank two Diet Cokes and need in . . . .

Sometimes I dream about living in an even smaller footprint.  Like I would quit my current life (by life I mean job really) and move with JT and the fur-kids into a cozy little space like this one by Ikea.

I spotted it in the newest Ikea catalog!! Can I just mention that JT and I battled our way through the Atlanta Ikea on our way back from Florida and I spent only $12.87.  There must have been something wrong with me, like a severe brain trauma or something.  Now that the new catalog is out, I’m already planning/scheming for things that might generate an Ikea Chicago trip.   I’m also planning/scheming some things for the front porch and door, possible related to the Pinterest Challenge.    First, I am frantically trying to learn Pinterest!!!

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