My very own Fantasia

As a child and young adult my favorite Disney movie was Fantasia.  I loved how the music was visualized in such a unique way.

Reallly, even the way they showcase the actual musicians was so visually interesting . . .

When I get the chance to hear a live orchestra, which isn’t often, I like to close my eyes and make my own “Fantasia”.  So . . . . I have issues and may or may not need therapy as already mentioned in previous posts.  But it got me to thinking about doing it in reverse — seeing an image or space and imagining the music that would play along to it.  I know this has been done all over but what the heck, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.

Let’s “Set the Scene”

For starters, this sexy man bedroom:

I could not for the life of me find where I clipped this image from.  I’ve been using to do a reverse search on images.  Over the last few years I have started right-click-saving any images I loved or that have great ideas.  Now if I want to blog about them, I want to credit them like a good little blogger.  Boo me.  But I couldn’t resist this image so if it is yours, let me know.  And well done.  (I’ll probably get a cease and desist order after this, who knows.)  At any rate, JT and I went to the My Morning Jacket concert last Tuesday night at the Pageant and they rocked our socks off.   So for this space, I thought MMJ Lay Low off their album “Z” would be its song of choice.

08 Lay Low
 This image looks like a perfect place to “pass out on the bedroom floor” as Yim Yames croons about.

I also snapped one quickie photo at the concert.  It’s not good because, well you’re not supposed to take pictures and I didn’t want to get kicked out, I wanted to rock out.

Enjoy your weekend!

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