White is nice . . .

I don’t know if you guys have started to notice my obsession with the color white . . . .white vinyl chair, new white bed frame, white floating shelves.  When it comes to decorating, it’s hard to go wrong with white (or black or gray for that matter but that’s another story).  If I had some chutzpah, I would paint my floors white, like this great space from the now defunct Domino magazine.

But that’s a bigger commitment than I’m ready for.  What I did commit to is a new old chair (as if I didn’t have enough chairs) . . .

TFA — The Future Antique — recently relocated to Chippewa near to Ted Drewes.  It also happens to be very close to my mother-in-law’s place so when we were over for a visit the other day, I persuaded JT and his mom to pop in and have a look around with me.  TFA is not known for their bargain basement prices but they do get some amazing stuff so sometimes the higher tag is worth all the editing and hunting they do.

Do you see our chair in any of these pictures?  I do!

The images above are from their website — there is a vast and ever-changing selection of 50s and 60s awesome (and sometimes uber-kitschy) items available.   The fiberglass Eames wanna be was $40 and I just couldn’t leave it be.  I think it might end up as a vanity table chair in the bedroom or maybe it will go to the office for JT to use at his recording equipment.  We’ll see!

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