7 Years in the Making . . .

The Ts have a bed!!  I’m starting to feel like such a grown-up.  Here she is getting put together:

It took a lot of patience, one glass of whiskey and two cups of coffee to get all these parts doweled, screwed and assembled in general.  I was so excited about the storage drawers . . . until it came time to put them together . . . Thankfully the slats are banded together with elastic and didn’t need screws or nails on each one or that would have been a long night!  Assembly time — I didn’t watch the clock exactly– but we listened to Rolling Stone’s “Emotional Rescue”, then R.E.M. “Monster” followed by The Kinks “Lola versus Powerman” and then wrapped it up with part of Arcade Fire “The Suburbs” and Radiohead “Ok Computer” to wind down.  I find that’s usually a way I measure time — as in “that only took three songs” or something like that . . . weird I know.

On my list of things to do this weekend is to (try to) take some better pictures.  So I will post some more of the bedroom soon.  Have a great Labor Day weekend — try not to labor to hard!

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