What we do for the dogs . . .

Nothing in my house is safe now that I have brought home a can of white spray paint.

Case in point — this $3.43 vintage magazine stand goodness we picked up at Value Village. (They have really random pricing BTW).

The black handles and legs with the rich dark wood seemed to blend together too much.  A spray of white (and a wipe down with the Feed-n-Wax for the wood) later and . . .

. . . . suddenly *ta da* we’re in business.  The magazine rack also is pretty set where it is under the living room window — you  might be able to see the power cord snaking out from behind it.  Due to the nice ring we made on the floor from our 1st Christmas tree that we haven’t bothered to fix up yet, the dog’s bed usually sits here under the window.  But we were worried that having their bed right under the outlet wouldn’t be great.  So Mr. Magazine Rack came in and saved the day.

Don’t Sophie and Shenanigan look so thrilled to be in that picture?  There was major dog treat bribes going on and they still look all grumpy.  The bed is “Mr. Roboto” from Molly Mutt.  It’s great because you just stuff it with all their old chewed up towels or whatever old socks and stuff you have on hand.  Doggy eco-chic.

(Image above from Molly Mutt’s website) 
It’s nice because Molly Mutt also has some funky patterns — finding dog beds that don’t cost an arm and a leg that are not tacky = hard.  We have the Big City patterned one in the bedroom for Sophie.  Pretty cool, huh?  Shenanigan thinks so . . . .

He better watch out though, because if he lays there too long, I might get after him with the white spray paint. (Although he does already have a white tip of his tail, white chest and sprinkles of white on his front paws though).  I do have some plans for the rest of the spray paint though really . . . . coming soon!

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