Target is killing me!

Okay, so that post title may be a tad on the dramatic side.  However, I had today, September 13th, saved on my Outlook calendar for one reason: Missoni launches at Target!

Ever since I saw the blue/white/green flame stitch/chevron stash box in their look book, I have been waiting for this day to make it mine.  I want to use it for inspiration colors for our soon-to-be-revamped bedroom.  I want some iconic Italian design for my house!   So I have been quietly waiting for my chance to bring it home.
Here’s what Target told me at 7:00am:

Oh no is right.  Here’s what they’re telling me now:
Now they’re too popular for me. 

Here’s what I’m telling Target: if you sell out of my stash box before I can even get on your #$$@&% website, we are going to have some trouble. 

While I couldn’t get to Missoni, Target did let me look at its weekly ad.  (Gee thanks, Target.) 

Freshen up for fall with frugal?  Um, what?  Wouldn’t the essence of frugality be not “freshening up” at all?  Or better yet, doing it at Goodwill?  Just a thought . . . .

Update:  Not 10 minutes after I hit publish on this post, the “Woof” had been replaced with a working website.  Then in the middle of my checkout, it stopped working.  I popped open another browser window and got my credit card info in.  Who I actually gave that to is debatable, fingers crossed a package will be showing up on my doorstep by September 19th.  I’m sorry I ever doubted you Target.  Let’s be friends.

Update update:  Apartment Therapy did a great post on Missoni-Geddon here. 

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