Our First Art

One of my favorite things about visiting a new place is seeing what kind of art museum(s) they have to check out (much to the chagrin of my husband, who does love art but more of the aural variety).  Visual inspiration is all around.  Once JT and I established our house, I began looking for some visual inspiration we could bring into our lives and call our own. 

JT and I have a very small (and hopefully growing) art collection.  Our first real art purchase is the ink abstract piece that hangs in the dining nook right now.  (I say right now because I’m thinking about rearranging and creating an art wall.  We’ll see.)  It is titled “I Am With You Always” by Melanie Blunk Dolan.

Not only do I love love love the color palette, the name of the piece itself also really speaks to me.  Having lost my father over 7 years ago, this is a bittersweet reminder to me that I have the best guardian angel a girl can have.  
It is just perfect in the mat and frame that Melanie delivered it in.  However the protective acrylic makes it hard to photograph well (not that I have ever taken such great photographs to start with . . . )  We used to have Johnny Cash print hanging in that spot but that meant that one of the first things you saw upon entering our home was Johnny Cash flipping you off, so he moved his vulgar self to the music room where he is much more appreciated.

When I started this post, I wanted to include more information about the artist. JT and I first saw her abstract ink collection displayed at Murdoch Perk (home of the best spiced mocha ever).  But that was over two years ago and her work was only on a display for a month (after which JT purchased “I Am With You Always” as an anniversary gift, so sweet.)   I jumped around the inter-webs, my constant source of factoids, and came across the blog of fellow St. Louisan  Neil E. Das.  His pictures make me want to cry – tears of jealousy and marvel at being able to take such beautiful beautiful pictures while I fight a losing battle against my camera every day.  Along with breath-taking pictures and insightful writing and haikus, there was also the following artist statement by Melanie.

Artist Statement

Creating ink abstracts is liberating. These abstracts released from within have given me renewed freedom and enthusiasm for life. I believe an artistic talent lies dormant in each of us; my desire is for others to experience through the color and flow of my work a sense of freedom and joy that leads to the discovery of one’s own talent.

Abstract inks are surprises–like life. Each painting is a gift with an unpredictable fusion of color. Sometimes the colors blend; sometimes a color overshadows another; and at other times one color graciously moves aside making room for a passer-by. Life, like the ink, asks me to stay in the moment accepting that I am not in control. Once I surrender, an unforeseen creation emerges.

My hope is that you will be inspired by my work. Comments are always welcome: mendee314@sbcglobal.net

I agree with Melanie — there is a creative person inside of each of us.  What we choose to do with that creative self is different for everyone.  I am lucky to use my creativity daily both in my job and in tinkering with things in our home and then boring the internet with all the details.  Good times.  I also have a strong appreciation for the creativity of others and I love to be surrounded by beautiful, visual things.  That’s why I’m so glad we stumbled upon Melanie’s work and wanted to share it with everyone.  To me, that’s the way to bring art into your life — find something that speaks to you, whether through the colors, shapes or composition and it will always be at home where you are.

Happy Monday — have a great week inter-webs!

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