Desperately Seeking Saarinen

I am slowly but surely moving forward with our bedroom make-over.  One thing I have been mulling over is the furniture layout.  I finally worked it all out to be something like this . . . . All the major items we already own except for the round side table for the right side of the bed.  What would be perfect for that spot is a Saarinen Tulip table . .  .

As seen on the Design Within Reach website, they sure ain’t cheap.  The closest thing I could find on eBay was a reproduction and even that was $220.  But they’re so pretty . . . glossy white metal base, gorgeous white marble top . . .

This Saarinen (below) is featured in Dwell Studio’s staging of the Draper Stripe Ash Duvet  set.  Yummy.

This (below)  is the unattributed sexy man bedroom I keep coming back to.  Table looks great here too . . . .

Flipping through my latest issue of Elle Decor, what do I find . .  .

It is probably irrational, but there is something about having an original or vintage designer piece that is so alluring.  It’s a little piece of design history.  That’s why these same items show up in room after room after room.  Other designers are suckers for the old masters’ work — it’s like a secret handshake, welcome to the club kind of thing . . .  

Plus, we do live in Saarinen City, home of the St. Louis Arch, one of Saarinen’s great accomplishments.  (above image from the “Core of Discovery” Gateway Arch webpage)
Growing up we were fairly involved in the Exchange Student program and visited the Arch frequently.  Finally my mom caved in and bought the movie “Monument to a Dream” so we could watch it at home first (and save money).  It is a really interesting view into the making of the Arch.  What I find most interesting is that no one died while building it, an unusual feat given this landmark’s size and scale.  Here’s a (not-so-great) pic I took while up in the you know what with my cousin while she was visiting a few months back.

But until the day when I have some extra $$$ lying around for a table, I have been scouting around for some other options.  In order for the underbed storage to work, less leg-age is the best way to go, in keeping with Saarinen’s idea of reducing the visual clutter with the single tulip leg.  cb2 used to carry a copy cat table but I couldn’t find it on their website.   I fell back to my old stand-by Ikea, and what should I find in the 2012 catalog but this  . . . .

For $100, I think it might make a good stand-in until my Saarinen arrives and much like Janis Joplin’s dream for a Mercedes Benz,  I’ll keep praying (and singing) until it arrives.   Any other ideas for my tulip table obsessed self?  I’d love to hear them!!

(Click here to see the YouTube video for a little musical refresher in your day.  Still haven’t upgraded to that video package.  Maybe someday folks.)

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