Fall is here — time for crochet!

Even though it’s about 80 degrees in St. Louis right now, it is still October.  That means fall and fall means hanging out in front of the fire, preferably under a blanket.  It is still way to hot to have a fire but I was thinking I better get started on a new blanket if I wanted it ready somewhat soon. 

I really wanted something to go with the new color scheme in the living room but I also didn’t want to break the bank with buying all new and/or extra fancy yarn.  I’m not a big fan of the open stitch, more granny looking crochet, so  I started out with some yarn I already had  in a nice tight stitch.  I’m thinking I will make multiple panels and stitch them together.

I did the first panel kind of freehand and then realized I needed more of a plan to finish up my fall blanket.  Off to the computer I went.  First I drew up my panel in AutoCAD and played around with the remainder of the panels until I found a layout that felt balanced.  Next I got out my kiddie markers and quickly colored up a few to see how I wanted the colors to set up.

Getting closer, but still not quite.  It wasn’t until I scanned these ideas in for posting on the ol’ blog that I realized what I wanted to do.

Ta da!  It felt balanced in color and placement and had enough movement in the way the pattern lays out to feel playful to me. 

Now that I have my pattern all set, I do need to stock up on some of the teal/blue color and also some more white and grey if I’m going to finish this puppy up.  I’ve been doing this all with a single crochet stitch and a size K hook.  It’s a great way to pass time while Ken Burns goes on and on and on about Prohibition on the TV.  Did you spot that little ‘yarn purse’ in the earlier picture?

It was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law.  A skein of yarn goes in with the working end threaded out of the grommet.  This keeps your yarn from getting tangled.  Pretty snazzy!  Back in the college days (my early days of crocheting) I would make my sister manage the yarn skein, especially on family road trips where we shared the back seat of the family van.  I had a not nice title for her that was similar to “Yarn Witch” but not quite . . . . so now I have a new “Yarn Witch” and as I already told my sister (in the voice of Donald Trump) – you’re fired!  I’ll report back as to how this whole blanket debacle goes down.

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