Every (furniture) addict needs an enabler . . .

Living in South City as we do, amongst many two and four family buildings, it is often moving day for the apartment dwellers.  The end of the month will reveal some marvelous treasures left behind in the alleys as the apartment dwellers head on to greener pastures. 

Right now, the basement is so full with said alley treasures that I didn’t think bringing in any more would be fair to the chairs I already have. Last Saturday, with such gorgeous weather and JT tethered to his work computer on call, the dogs and I ventured out for a long walk.  On the way home I spotted some more alley orphans.  They looked sad in the alley, cast aside and hopeless.  They didn’t deserve to go to the orphanage yet.  Once Shenanigan, Sophie and I got home, I told JT of my trouble. 

Me: “I need your help.  I spotted some more alley finds.  I know I don’t have any more room in the house though so I probably shouldn’t bring them home, right?”

JT:  “We could go get them if you want.  Maybe you should start an eBay store for all your furniture.” 

That was not what I was expecting!  But away we went to rescue some alley orphans and bring them home.

This guy (above, with Shenanigan watching over) didn’t have any cushions, but probably so much the better.  It has great lines and a good solid frame and I am going to have some fun picking out its upholstery fabric!

This was a matched pair, which is nearly impossible for me to leave behind.  They will need a little more help but overall had a good shape and were solid wood.  I want to try out the Minwax Antique Finish Restorer that Mr. Modtomic has posted about a few times (once here). 

At some point I’ll have to delve into the basement and really document all the extraneous furniture I have adopted.  You may be suprised at how much I have been able to hoard away down there.  It’s both a blessing and a curse of being able to space plan — I am able to fit a lot into a very compact area!  It’s probably a good thing the Fairlane takes up the garage or that would be full as well.  As to the eBay thing, I’m still not so sure, but it’s definitely something to consider. 

Anyone else had a really good alley score?  That’s the best kind of recycling to me!

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