Ladies and Gentlemen, we have 5 glorious days until my next IKEA trip. 

My mom and sister and I have decided to dash up to Chicago for one day to stock up on all the Swedish delights we can handle.  I’ve been plotting and planning for some time now and finally think I have it narrowed down.

All good stuff — some light fixtures and storage pieces for the music room shelving, a neutral duvet and some curtain rods for the bedroom along with the new bedside table that is a fill-in for my Tulip.  And more sheepskins.  I can’t quite reconcile this with my vegetarianism, but I can’t seem to help myself either.

I know a lot of people disagree with IKEA and the mass manufacturing of home goods.  I think IKEA makes great filler pieces and background items that can let all the more original items in your home shine. 

Speaking of my home (we were, right?)  I feel like I always show the same few views on this here blog.  First, because I suck with a camera and second because I still have a lot I’m working on.  One of the things on my list is a “House Tour” or something like that.  I did add a “Floor Plan” tab that shows the whole floor plan with its current furniture arrangement. 

Here’s a new view for you — the buffet opposite the dining room table.  It’s where things land when we get home — keys, phones, junk. 

It’s a mixture of such random things — an IKEA lamp, a Pottery Barn tray, a glass hand from Urban Outfitters and an Elvis postcard we received as a gift.  The buffet we found at an antique/junk mall a few years back.  It had more primitive wooden handles on it which I switched out for the brushed nickel to class it up a little.  The top of the piece has some water damage and needs a little restoration, so for now I use runners.  The one I have on there now is some extra fabric I hemmed up after my last pillow making adventure

So I’m not worried about it looking like we live in an IKEA catalog because I know I’ll always mix it up.  In the words of Violet from Downton Abbey (I just watched it all on Netflix and AM OBSESSED!) — put that in your pipe and smoke it!

2 responses to “Countdown

  1. I don’t think you need to worry about looking like an Ikea catalog (although I secretly would love to live in their showrooms at times 🙂 ) – your space has lots of personality and personal touches (like the Elvis postcard!) and your Ikea picks are all very neutral. LOVE Ikea days – stay away from the tea lights section – I get far too easily distracted and carried away!

    • Thanks for the kind comment Escapade. I agree about living in the showroom though – kind of like “Night at the Museum” or something. IKEA Day is tomorrow, we’ll see if I survive! The whole place usually puts me into visual overload and I’ll need a few days to decompress and recover.

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