Flor-ed Part Deux

Before I lucked upon the FLOR carpet tiles at the thrift store last weekend, I had already been considering FLOR for our bedroom.

The blue colored area is what I had been dreaming about for some comfort on the wood floors.  But here’s the problem.

These two monkeys.  (We think) Sophie used to pee on one spot on all the rugs we ever put in the living room.  So we’ve been rug-less for the last three years or so.   I think that the FLOR carpet tiles will be a good solution for us and here’s why:  If Sophie pees on a tile, I can pull it up and hose it off or replace it with another.

I had ordered some samples before JT and I went crazy and decided to paint the bedroom blue.  So at one point I was thinking of bringing the color in through the area rug.

Now that’s out the window so I want something textural and graphic but not too crazy for the floor so I ordered a few more samples:

Yeah, #1 was too crazy, but I had been considering it for the office before the big score.  Isn’t it gorgeous though?  And those chairs . . . and that table . . .

Option #2 was much more subdued but still had that graphic punch.  For the bedroom I was picturing a warm gray to match the new sheets.  The only picture on the website had the much louder purple.  You can see how the cut pile and the loop combine to create a really elegant texture.

My favorite and the current leader of the pack is #3.  It’s a pattern called Sophistikat and I love it.  The only picture from the web has it in a delicious teal color but I think we will get it in the more neutral grey/tan colorway shown in my swatch.

Guess what – tomorrow is IKEA day!! One step closer to having this bedroom thing wrapped up!  After I posted the floor plan above, I realized that the only thing I had in this room originally was the black chair.

It was a gift from my grandmother when she downsized from her house into her condo.  I should ask her more about its origin as there are no markings.  I’m thinking about having another adventure in sewing and trying my hand at a tailored slipcover.  Not like you see the chair a whole lot, usually it’s covered in clothes.  Just keeping it real.

Have a great weekend everyone!  If you see someone hyperventilating in IKEA Schaumburg from over-exertion and general exhaustion due to awakening at 4am to drive there, it’s me!

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