I Survived IKEA – barely

This Saturday was the epic IKEA trip.  My mother, sister and I left St. Louis while it was still dark (5am) and headed northward to the great city of Schaumburg, Illinois. 

We came, we shopped, we conquered.

I thought I was ready for this trip but it took every ounce of planning, preparation and group ninja shopping skills to pull this one off.

The store opened at 10am and we were in the more-than-half-full parking lot by 10:30, ready to go.  I saw cars from Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and Michigan besides the scores of Illinois plates and of course us with our Missouri-mobile. 

We plunged right into the fray but didn’t make it more than halfway around the top floor (which we hit up first) before we decided to break for some Swedish lunch.

After trekking through the 3rd and 2nd floor, the three of us had three very full carts.  We decided to go on down to the check-out line and pay up for Round #1.

After off-loading Round #1, we went back for seconds.  The main floor has the warehouse aisles of all the furniture and items in boxes.  This part was a lot easier because our handy-dandy IKEA lists told us exactly what Aisle # and Bin # to look for.  So we swept through Round #2 in record time.

IKEA is nothing if not efficient but my one complaint would be at the end, we were herded like lemmings to a loading zone surrounded with rails that wouldn’t let the carts out.  So we were forced to bring the car up to the loading zone after each round of shopping.  We looked pretty hilarious trying to fit Round #2 (the bigger heavier furniture stuff) in UNDER our Round #1 (the lighter, more breakable, decorative stuff).  Maybe we would change the plan in retrospect and do the heavy stuff first.  Who knows.

We cruised back to STL as the day faded to dark.  JT helped us unload everything and I crashed and burned to an un-funny Saturday Night Live.  I awoke in the morning to the aftermath of what I had done.

Disaster zone!  While I was out shopping all Saturday, JT rewired and redid T001 to be an Esquire.  You can kind of see it hanging out over by all his amps and equipment which have been living in the living room since I still have the office/music room all tore up. 

  Mr. Shenanigan at least seems grateful for my IKEA finds.  They had some faux sheepskins!   I didn’t have to be a sheep murderer to have my house covered in furs.  Since the faux version was only $9.99, I grabbed up 4 rather than the real versions of which I had budgeted for 2 @ $29.99.  I saved $20 and got two more sheepskins than anticipated!  (Disclaimer:  I didn’t really SAVE money, I just tell myself that to make myself feel better.) 

So Shenanigan and Sophie now have their own sheep friend to cuddle with.   In the picture above, Shenanigan is hanging out with his sheep friend (I call it Hairy Potter actually) and his “baby” which is actually a squirrel toy he alternately loves to cuddle or loves to destroy.  Maybe it’s the Rally Squirrel?  Cardinals move on to the World Series!!  More on how the IKEA finds slowly make their way into our house.  Have a great week folks!

2 responses to “I Survived IKEA – barely

  1. I’m a little bit (ok, a lot a bit) obsessed with sheep, so my question for you is how does the texture of the fake sheep compare to the real thing? Are they just as fluffy and wonderful, or do you only get the look without the feel?

    By the way, just found your blog through the I’m a Giant challenge (I’m taking part, too, and I’m probably in way over my head…) and I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Hi Julia —
      Thanks for stopping by. I was thinking about taking a picture of the real vs. faux sheepskins for a side-by-side comparison. The faux are definitely not as thick and the fur is a little shinier instead of fuzzy. But the faux are larger so that’s a plus and the tag says you can wash them in cold water so with all my dog mess, that will be a plus. I look forward to checking out all the other doll hous-ers as well.

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