Friday Fun = Furniture

I am working over here you guys, I swear.  But a furniture rep dropped by with these for our office (temporarily) and I had to share.

The kids Panton chairs!  The Eames elephant!  What every design snob parent needs to raise their kids up right, right?  Right. 

I snooped through my Ideas and Inspiration file real quick (cause I’m working!)  and pulled up an image I have of the adult Panton chair.

It’s from the home of Wes and Kayla, two Apartment Therapy bloggers.  Can you imagine that with a little “Mommy and Me” desk next to it with the child’s version?  I die a little.  It’s not quite doll house sized like the “I’m a Giant” challenge I started in on, but children’s scale furniture is pretty freakin’ cute.  Good thing we’re about to start on a bunch of early childhood centers at work — I can get my fill of little tiny furniture!

Happy Friday!

PS – The carpet under the uber-adorable elephant is Interface Anagrams.  Remember my love letter here?  Yep.

One response to “Friday Fun = Furniture

  1. Check out eBay item 220873984384…

    (And they can be repainted very easily: )

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