Fall’s First Fire

It finally kicked into fall weather in St. Louis and that meant one thing — time to open up the ol’ flue and have a FIRE!  We still have enough firewood left over from last year that I don’t think we’ll have to scavenge any but I want to know where all the designers get their piles and piles of pretty birch logs you see in the magazine images. I think we only get oak in Missouri.

At any rate, it wasn’t the largest fire but Sophie seemed to enjoy it (and her bone — that girl loves her some bone).

The Cardinals were on TV, winning the World Series (we hope),  so JT and the fur kids and I all settled in for a nice evening in front of the fire.

With two dogs and a husband on the sofa, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for me.  No sweat, I took over the (faux) sheepskin in front of the fire and crocheted my heart out.  I’m moving at a turtle’s pace on the crochet thing, but at least I’m still moving.  Here’s my progress on the second panel as of last night.

I keep all my yarn in my great little Rock and Roll Craft Show bag I got last year. (This year’s show is November 25-27, check it out.)  I love the stitched guitar logo.  Plus I can pick it all up and stash it easily if I don’t want my yarn cluttering up the room.  Still three more panels to go after I finish this one and I’m thinking about doing another (different) blanket for the bedroom . . . so I best get a move on!  I guess this calls for more cozy nights in front of the fireplace.  Sounds alright by me.

2 responses to “Fall’s First Fire

  1. your babies are too cute!

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