Happy Halloween!

I got bit by the “craft” bug this weekend and jumped past Halloween straight to Christmas and beyond . . . .

I saw this tutorial on How About Orange for paper lantern/ball thingys.  I’m picturing about twenty more strung together to make a funky garland.  I might even use the white Christmas lights and make them into glowing lanterns.

It was pretty easy, just some quick paper cutting, a few hole punches and a brad — voila paper lantern.  I picked out a few more pretty papers at Hobby Lobby and think I might use up the rest of my paint swatches as well. 

Next I tried out some crochet fun . . . .

Eight loops of a “chain link” type necklace thingy done while watching the Cardinals victory parade. (See the tutorial here.)  Yes the Cardinals are World Champions!!  (or at least Champions of the USA and Canada, but we’ll take it.  I’m using this as my excuse for why I didn’t get a lot of other things done this weekend . . . .any one else buying it?  If so, you are probably a Cards fan too.)

Shenanigan was also in a non-productive mood . . .

Considering this dog is about one foot tall, he sure is long. While Shenanigan snoozed, Sophie tried on her princess tiara Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween everyone!  That means it is closer to Christmas and I can put up my new decorations!

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