Design for all . . . including dogs

I’m finally starting to get more projects finished up around the house.  A while ago I shared some images of our first artwork (here) and after looking over those pictures the wall still felt a little empty.

So I did what any obsessesd-with-monograms person would do.  I put a “T” on it.

I made my trusty little newspaper template and hung up one of my many letter “Ts” on the wall.  It felt so much more balanced — happier if you will.  But see that piece of wall on the other side of the kitchen door.  Blank.  Boring. 

It is no longer blank, or boring.  It’s for the dogs!

Sophie and Shenanigan got their own (handmade) artwork.  As a finishing touch I updated their placemat with the rest of the left-over table runner. (A story about why I hacked it up here.)

I’m not sure if they appreciate and/or enjoy their new artwork.  I think they only appreciate and/or enjoy all the dog treats I gave them to stand still for these photos.  I pieced together some paint swatch chips (Sherwin Williams Bosporus, Gecko and a couple of grays, can’t remember their names . . . ) and used a picture frame I already had lying around. 

Shenanigan, true to his name, was being squirrely and kept checking Sophie’s bowl for more treats.  Little monkey.

I tried for the life of me to get my models to cooperate for some better pictures but luck was not with me.    But with sweet little faces like this . . . .

. . . . it’s hard not to give them all the treats in the bag some day.  So I gave them some artwork instead.  Next up is a designer dog bowl.  Maybe for Christmas, if they’re good puppies.

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